The SurReal Mother Geek

A perfect primer for progeny!

Written By: Diana Pressnell       Illustrated By: Brett Hatfield

Grow into geekery with the brand new children's series, Mother Geek. For younger geeklinks, new versions of well-loved nursery rhymes in The SurReal Mother Geek help kids grasp the basics of geekery while amusing the adults who'll remember the originals. For the slighly older geeklings, Mother Geek's Fantastical Fables provides modern day morals using familiar rhyme and pop culture references.

One part Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, one part geek culture, combined with a healthy batch of humor and love, The SurReal Mother Geek is your perfect tool to introduce geekery to future generations. Each book in the Mother Geek series is designed to educate and entertain your children, while bringing you closer as a family. The first book in the series, The SurReal Mother Geek, is available in hardcover, as a fully interactive iPad eBook, and on Kindle. The second book, Mother Geek's Fanstastical Fables is currently available in hardcover.

The SurReal Mother Geek covers a variety of geek topics:

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas
  • Zombies
  • Apocalypse Planning
  • Anime
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • And more!

Mother Geek's Fantasical Fables covers many modern day morals, including:

  • Different can still play together
  • There's no one fandom to rule them all
  • We accomplish more in life when we work together
  • Hard work is worth it
  • Heroes are just people who help when needed
  • It's important to love yourself
  • Taking responsibility is important
  • And more!

Our "Grow With Me" series of role playing games provides an educational and entertaining way to introduce your children to the world of RPGs. With characters and modules set in the Mother Geek world, your children will look forward to becoming ninjas and battling misunderstood pirates or defeating waves of zombies that have overrun the kickball field.

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The Books

Miss Mother Geek, when her thoughts would wander, would dream up such fun, as a zombified gander!

A Special Way To Share Your Life

The SurReal Mother Geek is a series of educational books created for geek families. Whether your geeklings are newborn or starting school, we have something to help bring your family together.

It's Best To Start At The Beginning

Our flagship publication, The SurReal Mother Geek, is a collection of beloved childhood poems reinvented for the newest generation of little ones born into the growing geek culture. Written using nursery rhymes that are familiar to the parents, the book is a basic primer for children in the many things that are considered to be geek topics of interest. Using this cross of old and new, the book provides a way for blooming geek families to bond together and share in something they’ll all enjoy.

Nothing can bring greater happiness than the laughter and love of a little one, and when families read The SurReal Mother Geek together it becomes a special time to not only show the munchkins an overview of the geek world, but to have a thoroughly good time reading aloud the fun new poems and songs while exploring the darling art that accompanies them. We guarantee you won't be able to resist the poems and they'll soon become a staple in your household!

How Quick The Little Ones Learn

The second book in the Mother Geek series, Mother Geek's Fantastical Fables, takes us on a light-hearted journey in rhyme designed to teach important life lessons learned from popular culture. Slightly longer, and designed to impart basic life lessons, such as "work ethic" and "self image", Mother Geek's stories continue to focus on entertainment, and each page has hidden references to pop culture references for parents to find and share. The book contains 15 fables to share with your little one, and we're sure you'll find at least one with a special meaning to your family!

And The Adventure Begins

For those looking to continue their "SurReal" education, your family will enjoy The SurReal Mother Geek Role Playing Game. Half introduction to role playing and half source book, the game is designed for children ages 4 to 7 and the book includes notes to help adult mentors run the game with the kids. Each "campaign" is set inside one of the poems from The SurReal Mother Geek and the whole family will have fun working through the various challenges we've provided.

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The App

An interactive wonderland appropriate for adults and children of all reading levels!

Play With Poetry

The SurReal Mother Geek has partnered with Varietas Software to release the full book as an interactive eBook! Appropriate for preschool children as well as for early readers, this re-imagined book of nursery rhymes provides entertainment for all ages in a format suitable for shared discovery.

Each page comes alive with interactive surprises waiting to be revealed and enjoyed as families explore the app together! On top of that, the poems can come alive in the app as each one is performed in a unique and engaging way so that pre-readers can play all on their own. Early readers, who may need a little less help, can also enjoy the book more independently as the words can be read individually until they are capable of reading through it without any assistance.

In addition to all the fun interactive features in the eBook, the app also features hidden 'easter eggs'. Each illustration contains a special image for kids to find, which will prove to be a fun treasure hunt, and will also be educational! When touched, a pop-up will open that will give the kids an explanation of the type of geekery described on the page.



Interactive Examples:

The Author

Diana Pressnell is the mother of two young kids and a geek herself. It was her desire to share her geek interests with her little ones, and the lack of products on the market appropriate for small children, that led her to create the concept of Mother Geek. She wanted to create a lovable character that her children would enjoy through which she could teach them how much fun being a geek can be.

The Surreal Mother Geek is the first book of several. Diana hopes that, through these books, she can open her kids’ eyes to all the media and pop culture that is to be had for geeks in a child-friendly and relatable way. The plan is that as her children age, they will get know the characters, shows, books, etc that are popular before they are old enough to experience these references for themselves. Hopefully, this foreknowledge will make finally getting to see these already familiar things even more exciting when they reach an age where it is appropriate to show them the real thing.

It is Diana’s deepest wish that other parents enjoy Mother Geek as much as she does and use it as a way to bond with their munchkins while sharing the wonder of their world, as she has done with her kids.

The Illustrator

Brett Hatfield is dedicated to the creation of colorful and engaging visual experiences and narratives. He works primarily with copic markers, colored pencils, screen printing, watercolor, and occasionally Photoshop, and strongly believes in artwork that delights and inspires. His work has been featured in books, magazines, exhibitions, and (he is most proud of this) comic conventions. Whenever he is available for freelance, he loves working with individuals and companies who are as passionate about their projects as he is about his art.

After moving to Louisville, KY with his beautiful and talented girlfriend, Emilie, and their horrible / adorable cat, Marica, Brett has been more prolific than ever, having reached the 2000 mark on his sketchcards and working on The SurReal Mother Geek. Brett loves comics, video games, cooking, and bad puns. In fact, he pushed for his website's theme to be a “field of hats”, but his web designer wouldn't let him. Maaan!

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